Voluma Cheek Enhancement

As the body ages, we naturally lose volume in our face. Voluma is a game-changing filler that will help rejuvenate your cheeks! In fact, it’s the only HA filler approved by the FDA to specifically contour and volumize the midface.

We placed  Voluma deep under the skin here, resulting in volumizing, lifting and contouring cheeks, cheekbones, and the jawline. And because Voluma is the longest lasting FDA approved facial filler, these results will last up to 2 years or more!

Voluma is pre-mixed with lidocaine (a numbing agent) so most patients find the treatment very comfortable.

These before and after images say it all.

Results are immediate
Ideal for anyone between 30 and 70 yrs of age who has minimal to moderate signs of aging due to loss of volume
Proven safe with over 10 yrs of use in market
Effects last for up to 2 years or more

What our Clients said

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