PDO Threadlift by NovaThread

PDO Threadlift by NovaThread

Part of our commitment to helping you achieve the subtle transformations that you desire is assuring that we offer options for a wide variety of needs. For those who want to address the sagging of the skin on their face without fillers or who want a longer-lasting effect, we are happy to offer Threadlift Face Lift by NovaThread – an instant skin-lifting, skin-tightening procedure.

This non-surgical facelift can be used to lift the brow, lift the jawline, smooth and tighten the neck and midface. NovaThreads are PDO (Polydioxanone) sutures that give quick, natural results with very little discomfort. They can be paired with injectable fillers for those who desire a complete facial treatment. Watch the videos below for more details on how they work.

Price: Varies depending on how many threads are needed.

Duration: The procedure takes about 1 hour. Results last 15-18 months but the collagen it produces lasts for several years after the sutures have dissolved.  A consultation that typically lasts approximately 30 minutes is required before the procedure.

Service is provided by both Dr. Alisha Armstrong and Dr. Arthur VonWerssowetz. You can book the procedure with Dr. Armstrong here or by phone. Please call the office at 423-498-5777 to schedule procedure with Dr. VonWerssowetz.

Non-surgical solution to sagging skin on the face and neck
Instant results
Lift the brow or jawline
Smooth and tighten neck and midface
Results last up to a year
Procedure takes approximately 90 minutes
Minimal discomfort

What Are NovaThreads?

Thread Placement Examples

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