Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial is a great choice to rejuvenate your face. This PRP therapy treatment uses your own blood platelet-rich plasma to tighten the skin, restore skin’s healthy glow, and soften scarring for a beautiful, younger look.

Duration: The procedure takes about 90 minutes. Results last 12-18 months.

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The 4-step procedure involves the following:

Isolate growth factors from blood drawn from your arm
Microneedling treatment to the face to create multiple micro-channels both driving the isolated growth factors into the skin and creating the stimulus for tightening and rejuvenation of the collagen of the face
Applying growth factors onto the micro-channels to allow them to soak into the tissue for further stimulation of tightening and skin rejuvenation
The skin tightens, and glows with color, and scaring softens for a beautiful younger and very natural result.

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